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DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card
  • Purchase in Stores and Online.
  • Worldwide ATM Withdrawals.
  • Card to Card Money Sharing With Friends and Family Members.
  • Travel Money for Holidays and Business Travel.
  • A Great Alternative to Cash and More Secure Than Travellers Cheques.
  • Discounts and Bonuses When Purchased From the Program Partners.
  • Easy Top Up and Control Your Expenses and Monthly Budget.
  • No Credit Check and Bank Account Required.
Online Shopping
  • Enjoy Shopping Online without Risk.
  • Pay in your local currency worldwide.
  • Pay Your Favorite Online Games by One Click
  • Shopping Carts Plugin for Your Website.
  • Competitive Low Transaction Fees




Fraud Prevention Service
  • Real-time Fraud Detection Solution.
  • Advanced Device Fingerprinting.
  • IP Geolocation Service.
  • High risk IP address and email checking.
  • Proxy detection.
  • Issuer Bank (BIN) Checks.
  • White and Black List.
  • Multi-layer Fraud Screening.
E-WALLET Payment Solution
  • Send and Receive Money Online Securely.
  • Deposit Money Locally and Pay Worldwide.
  • Accept Payments on Your Website Instantly.
  • Competitive Low Transaction Fees.
  • Easy Implementation on Your Website.
  • Secure Data Transfer. (SSL Encryption).
  • All Common Payout Methods.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts.
Online Payment Gateway
  • Accept Credit Card Payments Online (Visa & MasterCard)
  • Multi-Currency Processing & Settlement.
  • CNP Merchant Acquiring.
  • Cost Effective e-Commerce Solutions.
  • Virtual Terminal (MO / TO).
  • Mobile Terminal.
  • 3-D Secure Service.
  • Velocity Monitoring.
Open your Personal account or Business account ...FREE

No Setup Fees...No Monthly Fees...No Annual Fees...No Hidden Fees

Upload Funds to Your Account... FREE

DIXIPAY Prepaid cards or bank wire transfer are the most popular ways to fund your account

Enjoy shopping online

Start secure shopping  online. Send and receive money online & accept payments from your customers in one place

Prepaid Visa Card
  • Purchase in Stores and Online

  • Worldwide ATM Withdrawals

  • Card to Card Money Transfer

  • No Credit Check and Bank Account Required

Premium Master Card
  • Worldwide Acceptance

  • Fast and Easy Internet Shopping

  • Perfect for Sharing Money With Family

  • Instant ATM Withdraw Worldwide





Dixipay Prepaid Card
  • Safer Way to Add Funds to Your Account

  • Available in Different Categories

  • Full Control of Your Account Balance